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Thread: How Do You Clean Napa Cabbage?

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    How Do You Clean Napa Cabbage?

    How do you clean napa cabbage?

    In years past, I would cut it up, rinse in water, spin dry. However, I'm making a recipe calling for shredded cabbage and I certainly can't spin "shreds".

    Any advice? Is it actually dirty under the outside leaves?

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    My spinner can spin shreds. Some will go through the hole, but most will stay in the strainer part. Other than that, I would wash, drain and them lay them out on a tea towel to soak up the excess moisture. I'm a fanatic for washing veggies though. I can't bring myself to us the prewashed lettuce without washing even though they are supposed to be clean.

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    I remove the leaves from the base and lay the leaves in a sink full of water. Swish them around a bit, lift them out of the water, letting the water drip off and then place the leaves in the spinner for further drying. Once spun dry, then the leaves get shredded.

    I prefer to clean the leaves before slicing them in case there are any "hard" bits that my knife blade might not like.

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    I peel the leaves and swish in a bowl of water like hammster does. I dump the clean leaves in a dish towel, grab the towel ends, step out onto the deck and swing the bundle until the water stops flying out. Then I stack the leaves and shred with knife.

    My napas are from my garden and sometimes have mud and spruce needles almost to the core.

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