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Thread: Recipe needed for a crawfish boil

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    Recipe needed for a crawfish boil

    We are going to a crawfish boil on Saturday. I need to take a side dish. Someone else is bringing potato salad. I was thinking about making red beans and rice. Any other ideas out there? I'd love something excellent, not just good.

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    Appetizers and desserts are typical crawfish boil additions.

    Salsa and guacamole with chips or crudites with a dip always go over big.
    I used to make/take a Mississippi mud pie. That always disappeared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyWild View Post
    Someone else is bringing potato salad.
    Traditionally, potato salad is not served at crawfish boils for several reasons. People toss whole new potatoes in the crawfish pot for it to soak up all the same seasonings that the crawfish are cooked in. This tastes better and a lot easier to make. Also, eating crawfish is easier if everything that is served can be eaten using your fingers. You can do this with whole new potatoes.

    You can throw a lot of different things in the crawfish boil pot to serve as a side. Corn on the cob is popular and pre-cooked sausage is very popular. I've also boiled cauliflower in the pot.

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