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Thread: Concord Custom Cleaner coupons?

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    Concord Custom Cleaner coupons?

    This is trivial, but thought I might as well ask. Twice a year I take in a huge load of dry cleaning (summer/winter work wardrobe). It used to be that about once a month, Concord would have a coupon for 25% of your entire order, so I'd always wait until that week to take everything in. I've been watching their coupons for about 2 months now and they haven't had the 25% off one--does anyone know if they've discontinued that? It made a big difference, as my twice annual tickets are usually in the $150+ range. The most I've seen lately is $5 off a $10 order, which is like spit in the ocean....
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    How about calling them and asking?

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    We don't bring much to the dry cleaners, but we dropped off DH's blazer today and there was a sign on the door stating that due to rising costs of materials, they had to raise their rates. This isn't a Concord Cleaners, but maybe they aren't giving bigger discounts because of a rise in their costs?? Just a thought. But, I agree with whocares. Try calling and asking.

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    Did you try to finding them on Facebook? Or Twitter? Seems everyone in my area has gone that route to put coupons or discounts.

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