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Thread: So, when do you put up your Christmas tree?

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    So, when do you put up your Christmas tree?

    As I mentioned in another thread, we put our Christmas Tree up (in fact, all of our decorations) the week before Thanksgiving and then turn on the lights Thanksgiving night.

    This was a tradition that my mom and dad had established for as long as I can remember and it is something all of my siblings do, as well.

    Someone commented that, for them, that was too early.....So, I'm curious, when do you put up yours? I think it will be fun hearing how everyone does theirs. And do you have real or artificial tree?

    Adding that, for the first time, ever, this year we will be using an artificial tree. I was diagnosed with asthma, recently, and so we are going to try artificial, this year.
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    Usually, we put up the tree sometime during the Thanksgiving weekend. This year, though, I put it up this past Sunday since we were headed out of town for Thanksgiving this year. I have a 7 year old and a 4 year old and they LOVE holiday decorations. So, I like to put them up a little early so the kids can enjoy them.

    I kind of felt bad (although it was cute) on Monday, though, when my 4 year old came into my room crying because there were no presents under the tree. I guess he thought Santa was coming Sunday night since we put up the tree.

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    Usually Thanksgiving weekend.

    But we're hosting an early Christmas party this year so we moved everything up. Put the trees up last weekend and I will decorate them this weekend.

    Not having to look at the physical task of putting all those up this weekend is really nice. Plus I got a few decorated during the week so I only have 3 to do. I think I kinda like this new schedule.

    I will not put the wreath on the door until after today.

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    We will put our tree (artificial) up tomorrow and the house will be decorated over the weekend. I put the outside lights up a couple of weeks ago (nice weather) and I will turn them on tomorrow night.

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    DW and I were discussing this the other day. It's just the 2 of us generally, so we might not put up the "big" tree, but just go with a small one on an end table. The Nativity will go up (the real reason for the season) for sure.

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    When I was growing up, we'd always put the tree up in November. Now, we usually put it up somewhere around Dec. 1 (though it can be later). This year, I'm thinking of doing it today or tonight!

    The wreath is up but we also need to do the rest of the outdoor decorations. Hoping to do that this weekend.
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    Wow, I guess I am much later than you all. My DS's bday is 12/11 so our tradition had been to cut down a tree on his birthday. Even before he was born, we would usually get our tree around the second weekend of December.
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    Most years I haven't because we're out of town visiting family during the holidays. We decided last year to go during better weather and better traveling times of year. I have a tall, thin fake tree that looks like the Charlie Brown Tree. I'm not sure I'll even bother dragging that out...just not into it.

    As a child, my parents would wait until around my birthday - the 20th. I hated waiting that long!

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    We will put ours up either tonight or tomorrow. Our son needs to sleep in the livingroom on the pullout. So, probably tomorrow.

    We have a silk tree because I.m allergic to pine sap. Found that out the hard way. LOL.

    Our outside lights went up Monday while DH was home. Will turn them on tonight.

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    We don't put up any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. We have a cut tree in the living room on the main floor, an artificial (pink, in fact) tree in DD's bedroom upstairs, and an artificial tree in the family room downstairs. Everything comes down the day after Christmas, so I like to start getting the Christmas decorations out as soon after Thanksgiving as we can.
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    I enjoy having fall decorations during November, and usually change over to Christmas decorations during the first week of December.

    Mine are fairly complicated, so I find it helpful to host a holiday party early in the month for motivation to get going.


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    Always before, we'd buy the tree and do the decorating around the 15th of December. This year, we're going to go through all 9 totes of Christmas stuff, and weed out what we're not going to use any more. We've bought an artificial tree, and we're going with the "less is more" style of decorating in this house, so we'll finally be throwing out all the bulbs and stuff we haven't used. Hopefully, we'll do that this coming week, and put the tree up a little earlier than usual. I'll see what DH wants to do.
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    I'm a bit OCD about the holidays (OK---alot OCD about the holidays!)

    For me, there's no baking until the house is decorated and no decorating until Christmas cards are done.

    I have letters written to about 60 of the 100 cards on my list and have a long road trip this weekend so will be close to finishing them then. The tree will probably go up Saturday the 3rd so that I can bake for my friend's annual candy exchange on the 4th without feeling all out of kilter.

    It's sad, but I really feel frazzled if I don't do things in this order!

    Happy holidays to all!

    mary jo

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    Mary Jo, I used to be like that. I've learned to be more flexible. It's only a holiday.

    We have a 4' artificial tree in the dining room. I'll probably decorate it tonight. Won't get a fresh tree until the 8th or 9th of December.

    Have the lighted deer and a lighted obelisk in the back yard. This weekend I'll hang the lighted wreath on the courtyard gate and put garland with lights around the courtyard door. A few decorations in the house and call it done.

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    I'm a lot like RiverFarm in that if we put our tree up now, it would be completely desiccated by Christmas. We put ours up about 1 1/2 weeks before Christmas and leave it up til after New Years. Since moving to the US, we have learned that we do need to buy the tree early (shortly after Thanksgiving) or there won't be any to choose from.

    As a Catholic, I like to celebrate Advent (I have an Advent wreath on our table, and I've had a Jesse tree when the boys were younger). I also like that the Christmas season lasts til Epiphany - it always seems sad to see castoff Christmas tress at the curb on December 26 (or even the 25th ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by charley View Post
    Mary Jo, I used to be like that. I've learned to be more flexible. It's only a holiday.

    We have a 4' artificial tree in the dining room. I'll probably decorate it tonight. Won't get a fresh tree until the 8th or 9th of December.

    Have the lighted deer and a lighted obelisk in the back yard. This weekend I'll hang the lighted wreath on the courtyard gate and put garland with lights around the courtyard door. A few decorations in the house and call it done.
    As crazy as it sounds, it does help me to relax about the holiday. This year, I'll be done with the vast majority of my stuff by the 5th of December. I'll be able to kick back and enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

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    We always have a real tree and it goes up the weekend before Christmas. It comes down on the New Year holiday sometime. Again it's the needle issue. And I get sensory overload if it seems to cluttered with decorations.

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    We still have a real tree and carry on the tradition that my parents started when I was young. My birthday is December 15 and to celebrate we decorate the tree the closest Sunday and we usually order in something for dinner. This year it will be going up on December 11 as December 18 we will be taking our kids out to celebrate our 40th anniversary

    I set aside all the non-breakables for the grandchildren to put on the tree.

    On the day that we decorate we also start making our famous Nuts and Bolts that we give as gifts.

    Our outside lights are up but won't go on until December 1. Also, DH says no to Christmas music until December 1 but DD and I always manage to squeeze some in before

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    We put it up the weekend that is closest to the the 15th of December. We leave it up through Epiphany. We buy a cut tree.


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