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Thread: how many pieces in a pie?

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    how many pieces in a pie?

    How many peices of pie do you get from a 9 inch pie pan? I was looking at a cl recipe for coconut cream pie which said 12 pieces. Really? That makes each slice less than 2 1/2 inches at the crust which seems a tad skimpy to me.

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    I usually figure 8 slices. Cutting them into 12 would be possible but I have a hard time with thinner slices and they tend to fall apart on me.

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    Love what Christy said! It depends on my day sometimes but normally 8 works. Unless really, really rich and something like a brownie pie that is more fudge like.

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    Typical CL. I also don't buy their notion of an 8x8 pan making 16 brownies.
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    Normally 8 pieces, but when there is a huge variety of pie (like Thanksgiving) then I'll just the pies into 10 slices. But mostly 8. Works perfectly for my family of 4- one piece for dessert each, and one for breakfast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canice View Post
    Typical CL. I also don't buy their notion of an 8x8 pan making 16 brownies.
    I agree. But, that is CL's way of making lots of their recipes lighter.

    I don't think *postage stamp* brownies are extremely popular with teenage boys.
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    I cut a pie into quarters and from there it's anyone's guess. Depending on the filling (texture and richness) and occasion, I will start cutting each quarter in 2 or 3 slices, but there are always requests for slivers and smaller pieces.

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