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Thread: The CD player on my Bose radio isn't working ....

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    The CD player on my Bose radio isn't working ....

    I played a CD on my Bose clock radio/CD player yesterday. I haven't used the CD player for quite awhile before that.

    I don't recall if I had any errors yesterday to start -- I did play a number of songs from the CD yesterday.

    Today I tried playing a CD and I am getting an error. When I insert the CD its says "reading CD" for a couple of seconds, and then it says "not readable". I tried a few different CD's just in case there was a problem with the CD.


    I haven't called Bose yet. I looked in the instruction manual and that didn't help me with my problem.

    Anyone have this problem? I've had the radio for a couple of years, and at the beginning would use the CD fairly often.

    I used to have a stereo with a CD player and before it stopped working altogether, I think it would sometimes "read" the CD and work, and then sometimes not. And, then eventually stopped altogether. So is my Bose simply being more efficient at stopping.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    We had our different Bose producs "hit" by lightening and Bose service was great. I might recommend calling Bose and maybe they can help with advice or maybe it needs to be fixed.
    Good luck

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    I called Bose today, and they said the CD might not be working because I haven't used it in soooo long. Dust accumulates etc (something about lubricating of moving parts too). What might have happened is that the CD might have pushed the dirt etc around, and scratched ? something. Can't recall exact wording.

    He told me to do the famous.... unplug, let it sit, plug in again, since maybe that would perhaps reset things (if that was the prob). He said sometimes doing it a few times, fixes things. No luck yet. Staring at the radio and sending "fix it" thoughts, not helping. Ha.

    I can send it back for repair (or replacement if they can't fix) for $99. But I would have to ship back (rep offered to send me a $15 UPS label). There isn't a Bose store nearby --- they would ship it at no cost.


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    If there is dirt inside, perhaps trying to clean it with canned air would help. Between my dogs and the wood stove, the dirt, dust, hair issue is a major consideration in my house with all of my electronics!

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    You might try a cleaning can get them at Target and they aren't expensive.
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    Glad they gave you some ideas at Bose. Now that you mentioned the dust I am going to the guest room and try the Bose there which is not used as much.
    The suggestions on canned air seem like it might work.
    Dust does get into little spaces. I had a Black Decker hand vacumn (quick pick ups) batterie operated it acted up and it was dust now it works great.
    Good luck.

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    Thenks so much everyone for the ideas.

    Unplugging, waiting, plugging it back in etc -- didn't help.

    The canned air, I had high hopes for that --- didn't help.

    I will look for a cleaning CD this weekend -- it would be great if that works.

    Thanks again!

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