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Thread: Slowcooker size question

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    Slowcooker size question

    I noticed there is a revised slowcooker thread going and I had a related question. What size and how many slowcookers do you all have and what brands? I have an 18 year old 3.5 qt. and about a 7 yr. old 6 qt. both Rival brand. The 6 qt. I really only use to make soups or sauces because it is so big for our family of four that anything in it overcooks (plus I've read that the newer ones cook hotter). I like the 3.5 one well enough but lost the lid in a move and use a glass casserole lid. I'd like to get a smaller one so that we can make breakfasts or sides in them but I'm not sure if a 1.5 qt. one is worth it? What size do you all use and how do you use them most often? Cabinet space is at a premium so I want to make sure my purchase is a good one. Thanks for your input!
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    We are a family of two, and while I have two slowcookers I really only use my 6 qt Hamilton Beach Stay Or Go.

    My smaller one is an old Rival and it cooks WAY too hot. I have gone through three expensive slowcookers and this gem that I paid $25 for four or five years ago has been the best of them all. Easy to clean, perfect to take chili to a potluck, and it cooks evenly.

    I have put only 6 chicken drumsticks on a bed of sliced onions in that thing and had them turn out perfectly, and I've done a 6 lb chuck roast and had it turn out the same way. I honestly don't see the reason for a smaller one, but of course I married a man who loves leftovers too!
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    I have 4 slow-cookers. One is a 1.5 qt, which I purchased to take lemon sauce for my bread pudding to church -- haven't used it again. The 2 qt is perfect for a double batch of Reuben dip, but I don't use it for anything else... and the crock doesn't come out, so it's harder to clean. I have a 5 qt that I use the most, and it's stainless steel and sits on the controlled hot plate/burner, and I love it! Then I have a 6 qt, but it runs really hot, so I don't use it for much. We are just 2, but we do bigger meals and take some to our DD, who is going to school.
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    I have a 25 year old Crock Pot that is about 3 quarts. It cooks low and works really well. I hope it never breaks. I probably use that most often. Recently bought the 6.5 quart Crockpot Elume and use this for a lot of soups. If the recipe is only half full or so, just put a piece of foil down near the top of the food to help keep the heat down near it. This also cooks much lower than other newer crockpots (although I think still warmer than my old one). This was a great crockpot addition to my kitchen.

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    I have 2 - a 6.5 qt Crockpot - cooks way too hot, but love the size (and its just me, but I cook in bulk and eat all week) and I have a 4qt Cuisinart (the programmable one that is on the other thread) and I love this one too. A few times I've used them both at the same time.

    Depending on your lifestyle - I highly recommend the ones where it will flip to warm once the time is done!

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