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Thread: Favorite pan?

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    Favorite pan?

    I'm not talking about brand, but size/shape...
    do you have a favorite, most-used, go-to pan/skillet/kettle???

    I'm in the midst of redoing some stuff (no need to sob here) and curious what yours are, if any.
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    I have a nonstick wok skillet that is my go-to pan for anything that needs to be browned, sauted, stir-fried, etc. It needs to be replaced after 6 years - it has started to lose its non-stickyness.
    I think this is the closest thing to it in the current line:
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    A non-stick 12" saute pan - the kind with straight sides. It's more functional for me than a skillet since there is more flat area so I can saute what I need for a 4 person recipe. The higher sides also hold the sauce or veggie because I typically like to do one pot type of recipes - either a stir fry or a saute followed by a braise.

    A close second is the larger version of that which is really handy for stuff.

    I keep coming back to my 8 or 10 quart 30 year old large pan. It's stainless with aluminum clad bottom. It's lightweight and is perfect for soups or stuff like chile. I have never felt the need to upgrade to Creuset - I've even brought them home a few times but can't imagine hauling them around - including hauling them in and out of my cabinets.

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    For me lately its also my 12 inch saute pan. Straight sides keep everything inside and more flat surface so there's even cooking. Plus they have lids if needed. I have an allclad nonstick and a regular one and use both often.

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    Probably a 12 inch skillet, a 3 qt saucepan and a medium size stockpot (5-6 qt). I have what they call an everyday pan -- essentially a skillet with two short handles that can be used on the burner or in the oven. That could be an alternative to the long handled skillet. Need to have at least three of those four.

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    By far my most used pan is my 3-quart non-stick saute pan (straight sides). I seem to use it for just about everything but soups. I just got one in stainless steel for the dishes I do at higher heat, like curries or browning meat.

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    I have 4qt (I think) Dutch oven that is used most. Next is my 12" cast iron skillet. I also use the heck out of my cast iron fondue pot. Not for fondue. I use that little guy for sauces.

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    Hard to say ... I use my 8 qt dutch oven several times a week. And a 14 inch saute pan that frequently as well. My dh is madly in love with his new 12 inch cast iron skillet and is trying to discover if there is anything that cannot be cooked in it.


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    My most-used pan is a 13" non-stick fry pan with a lid.

    Also used frequently are (1) a large (3 1/2 quart, I think) saucepan that holds my vegetable steamer, is big enough to boil potatoes, make soup, etc., for the 2 of us.
    (2) An 8-inch non-stick fry pan for individual servings of fried or scrambled eggs, etc. (we tend to eat breakfast at different times).
    (3) a tea kettle, as DH likes tea and I like to heat water in a kettle - the whistle keeps me from forgetting a pot on the stove.
    (4) Dutch oven for stews, soups, large quantities of boiled or steamed vegetables, pasta.

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    My favorite is Calphalon nonstick everyday pan and the cover. I actually got it as an extra gift when buying Calphalon I have 2. I use it for so many things as the 12 inch is great. Also my next favorite is the stock pot (soups pasta etc).

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    12 inch cast iron skillet
    8 inch cast iron skillet (baking bread)
    8 quart copper bottom stainless stock pan
    2 quart copper bottom stainless pan
    13*18 pyrex - lasagne, enchiladas, etc.
    large cookie sheet for roasting vegetables, making french bread, and even making cookies

    on the wish list - cast iron griddle

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    I have a 6 quart caribbean blue dutch oven that is made by Lodge, which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. It's definitely my favorite, but not necessary the most used.

    I also have a 12" non skillet they call a "jumbo cooker" - the sides are probably 2" tall, so you can fit a lot of food in there. I use that one a lot too but it seems to be slightly warped in the middle so oil spreads out to the edges. Love the size though.

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    3-qt saucepan
    10" non-stick saute pan (straight sides) from Ikea!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beth View Post
    I have what they call an everyday pan -- essentially a skillet with two short handles that can be used on the burner or in the oven. That could be an alternative to the long handled skillet.
    That's my favorite pan and I literally use it every day. With two short handles it fits into my sink for cleaning

    Love my Chantal stock pots for cooking pasta. After the kids left the nest a smaller was added - perfect for 2 servings. Rice, potatoes, couscous etc. go in a 3-quart stainless steel saucepan with tall sides.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shugness View Post
    I also have a 12" non skillet they call a "jumbo cooker" - the sides are probably 2" tall, so you can fit a lot of food in there.
    I have this one too, but would have preferred it with two short handles.
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    I have a Circulon 6 Qt Dutch Oven that is non-stick. The bottom is flat and stainless steel. The sides are like a wok. Since I have an electric cooktop, it is my everything. It
    can go into a 500 degree oven, act like a wok, do a wicked good job of Osso Buco and become a soup pot. It cost me $35 at the outlet mall.

    Because of arthritis in my wrists, I can't use cast iron anymore. This does a good job of browning. When the coating chips, I won't feel guilt about tossing it out.

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    8" and 12" inch hard-anodized aluminum skillets are the most used. They did every duties.
    8" cast iron is great, too, but not my everyday treat.

    For me, nonstick is the must for skillets. But I'll go SS for any pots or saucepans.

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