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Thread: What does this mean? Security Certificate Errors?

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    What does this mean? Security Certificate Errors?

    I am curious...I keep getting that content is being blocked because of security certificate errors...and I can't even get to the BB at work because of this. Can anyone explain and what is CL doing to correct this problem? Or is it just my computers? I have being locked out...
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    I'm still having the same problem, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiverFarm View Post
    One person found that it wasn't an issue when she switched from Safari to Firefox, but I don't want to change browsers for one site.
    I started to experience the problem this weekend and I use Firefox.

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    I got the message but the pop up box contained a dialogue box to explore and I checked the "always trust" and the problem went away. If it were a site that I hadn't never visited, I wouldn't have done it but I assume it was just some kind of technical glitch and not a major plot to take over the CL site.

    I use Safari on a MAC.

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    I called Apple about this issue (because I have a new mac and didn;t want to screw it up..he said as long as it was a site that I had gone to over and over, just to click that I trusted it..have had no problems since.

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    I've been getting this for a week or two and I'm running IE. The odd thing is that I'm still getting Netflix popups too. IE tends to have a hissy fit about little stuff and ignore the really big bad malware. Oh well, I'm just too lazy to make the switch to Firefox yet.

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