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Thread: Headboards, Headboards, Headboards? Recommendations?

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    Headboards, Headboards, Headboards? Recommendations?

    We have three beds; 1 king and 2 queens without headboards. Have been looking @Hayneedle. What headboard/s do you have and recommendations? We have been married 20+ years and have been headboardless, I am ashamed to say...
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    I like upholstered headboards. I like to sit up in bed to read or watch Tv, and it is very comfortable. DH and I have a custom upholstered headboard that we got from Calico Corners. It is almost 10 years old and still in great shape, and was much more reasonably priced than I would have expected.

    On my kids beds I have the pottery barn upholstered headboards that you can use with slipcovers. In DD's room I have one of the PBS slipcovers, in DS's room I have a slipcover I sewed myself.

    Ballard Designs also has a good selection of both fully upholstered and slipcovered headboards.

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