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Thread: BCP recommendation?

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    BCP recommendation?

    I am considering going back on the pill. I haven't been on the pill in ten years, but due to very low iron and heavy/long painful periods my doctor has told me I should at least think about it, this way I can skip my period every other month or more.

    Does anyone specifically have a pill they'd recommend? What about the whole skipping your period thing? It just sounds wrong...but I know so many people do it.

    I'm going to be 40 in August, and I am done having babies, if that matters or not!

    Any advice?

    Thank you!

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    I won't speak to a pill but I have an IUD and don't have periods and LOVE it. I'll have occasional spotting and that's usually about half a day every 6 months or so. It's so nice not to worry about it when running, skiing etc.

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    I'm on Zovia, a very low dosage pill and have had very good success. No cramps or any symptoms at all. I've had 4 different Dr's tell me it's perfectly safe to not have periods as long as it's induced by BCP (vs just on your own).

    But, I would rely on your Dr to recommend the right pill dosage for you b/c everyone is different

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    i tried to skip periods too and ended up with the most horrible migraine of my life and never felt quite right otherwise- decided that i didn't want to mess with the natural way of things although i hear you about the issues with heavy periods- i'm having similar problems along with fibroid pain so i'm interested in what you decide-

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    I went off BCP in 2009, but prior to that, for many years, I used Yasmin and took it straight through with only four breaks a year. So I only had four periods a year, which I loved. They were heavier than they would have been on a monthly basis, but not so bad as to outweigh the convenience of only having a period once a month. The only drawback was that because that particular pill was not designed to be taken straight through (although it was actually my doctor who suggested this), my insurance would not cover all of the packs I needed each year to be able to take it this way, and I ended up paying for a few packs a year out of pocket. I think there are several pills on the market that are designed to be taken year-round, no breaks, or with just a few breaks a year.

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    I can't remember the brand, but I was on bcp for 8 years or so to control fibroid pain. I took it for 3 months straight and then had a period. They were normal problems at all. The first couple of months I did spot but that quickly went away.

    I went off the bcp the year I turned 50 (in April, I turned 50 in Sept). I had a horrendous period in the fall that lead to an endometrial ablation. No problems, still hoping that I'm actually in menopause...but I'm still getting a period every once in a while so my 'year' keeps being reset. I can't wait until I'm all done (I just turned 52).

    I do know that it has to be a 'steady' dose of hormones, not a tri-phasal type. Since you are done having babies, have you asked him if you are a candidate for endometrial abalation? That might be a great solution for you as well.
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