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Thread: More birth control controversy

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    Here's a link to a blog that is written from a man's point-of-view about the War on Women. He lists the various bills that have been introduced and/or passed in various states. He sums up a lot of the things we've discussed quite nicely. I thought it was a pretty awesome article.

    In case anyone is interested, there are two different rallies being organized in the next few months. Copied from the We Are Women Facebook page: "The 'Unite Against the War on Women' marches will still be held in each state and many local areas on April 28th. The 'We Are Woman' March on Washington, D.C. is currently in the planning stages. "

    The We Are Woman march will be in September. More information will be posted on the Facebook page as details are determined.

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    I know that a couple of weeks ago, Doonesbury did a week of strips devoted to this. Candorville also just completed a week of them (link is to the first one).
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