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Thread: Shower invitations?

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    Shower invitations?

    My dd is planning a baby shower - there are some special people who would be invited, but could not attend because of the great distance to travel (older family members, close friends from another state, etc) She is concerned that these people will feel "left out" if they aren't invited - but doesn't want it to appear to be a request for a gift.

    Is there a way she can acknowledge the special relationship with the people who can't attend? An email or call sharing plans for the event and expressing the wish that they could be there, too? Or should she just go ahead and send an invitation, knowing that they won't be accepting?

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    I think the people you describe would appreciate receiving a regular invitation in the spirit in which it is intended, and not see it as fishing for a gift.

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    I agree with Meganator. I'd send the regular invitation that is being sent to everyone else.

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    How about an announcement after the baby is born, maybe enclose a picture?
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    IMO, a shower invitation is a request for a gift. If you know for sure they wouldn't attend I agree with jmarie's suggestion to wait and send a photo with the birth announcement.

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