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Thread: I just have to say something!!!

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    I just have to say something!!!

    To the mother who loves to tan. keep that little red headed fair skinned child of yours AWAY from the tanning bed...second your tan did nothing for you, and it is difficult to tell just how you really look.
    Either you have problems with OCD or you are not playing with a full deck!!!
    I feel bad having to express my thoughts about this but I do not believe I have never run across anyone that has gone to the extreme as you have.


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    I, too, was disturbed by this story. Even if she didn't let her daughter tan, she needs some intervention for her own tanning addiction. Sad.
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    This mother definitely has some problems. I just hope she's not projecting them onto this precious little girl. I'd like to know if this girl was allowed into the salon at all. I've read that it is illegal to take a child under the age of 14 into a tanning salon.

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    Above Reported.

    Just did a google search for bad tans. Shocking... I'd link, but you can look up on your own, if you are into that sort of thing.

    Agreed about a ban on underage kids... maybe 12 or so would be appropriate...
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    Horrified at her...she looked even MORE than/orange than the last time. I wonder if some of this she is doing for attention/shock value. I know studies have shown that some people have a true addiction to tanning/tanning beds/laying out in the sun...they really get a dangerous.
    I am sure if this is what she has, she is not considering her health long term.
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    I wonder how anyone could possibly look in the mirror and think that looks good?!?!?
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    Today is Melanoma Monday. She is a great example of how NOT to take care of your skin!

    Current Jersey law bans those under 14 and requires parental consent for 14-17. I pending law would ban all minors, which is IMHO, the way it should be in all 50 states. Tanning beds are a known carcinogen. We don't let minors buy alcohol or cigarettes either.
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