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Thread: Brand Loyalty

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    Brand Loyalty

    (Stolen from Reddit)
    What are the brands that you will always stick with? (Conversely, what brands have lost your trust forever)

    Could be food or otherwise....

    I most ardently stick with Heinz ketchup. Nothing else comes close, and I'm _always_ disappointed when something else is offered. To the point of I won't order food that needs ketchup from a resturaunt if they don't have Heinz.

    Also, I've discovered I'm a fan of Jif peanut butter. Not as dramatic as Heinz, but other brands don't quite make the cut.

    Also Playboy. Perhaps it's unusual, but for me an mens/adult pictorial magazine can be _too_ explicit. Playboy does it just right. Plus, they write about more than just sex driven articles.

    Can't stand anything from that Lush store. Though technically I haven't ever bought from them, I've just been exposed by proxy. I'll set aside the granola-ness of the store. I'll even forgive the crappy packaging and general ineffectiveness of the product. What seals the deal? The half-real caricature/pictures of who bottled that particular product CREEPS ME OUT! <<shudder>>
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    (I actually turn the bottle away from me in the shower)
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    Merrell outdoor footwear. Every shoe that I have purchased from them fits perfectly and lasted a long time. Another company is Benchmade knives. Their products are engineered and work flawlessly as if they are custom made.

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    I agree about Heinz ketchup! Bounty paper towels, and Coca-Cola. Pepsi just doesn't work for me. Just for Redheads makeup, for obvious reasons...

    ETA: 8 o'clock coffee! And Coffee Mate FF Vanilla Caramel. LOL FF half & half, Brummel & Brown buttery spread.
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    I'll have to try a ketchup taste test at our next bbq and see what the result is. I've never givin ketchup much thought.

    Funny, when I first read your post I thought I wouldn't have anything to contribute because I didn't think I was brand loyal. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there are some brands I truly love.

    Vehicles: Subaru-anything, Toyota -4runners, Ford- trucks

    Clothing: The North Face and Levi-501-I've been wearing 501s since high school. I'm 45 and still wearing them. Other more stylish jeans come and go from my closet but I love my 501s. I've worn the same North Face Jackets and clothing for years. I usually get rid of them just because I get tired of looking at them not because they've worn out. Oh! and Under Armour

    Food: Rotel was the only brand I could think of. Although, I think you can pretty much count on any Kirkland products.

    Health and Beauty: Ivory soap since I was baby, Maybelline-great lash mascara, and CoverGirl -pressed powder since high school.

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    Keen shoes have been very reliable, but I am basically NOT a brand-loyal person.
    Reynold's heavy duty aluminum foil has been repurchased twice now
    Each time I shop, I check ingredients (I learned the hard way that even things I used to be able to count on can reformulate). I don't buy clothing/outdoor wear often enough to have a brand I trust on a regular basis.

    I will say that anything I have purchased from Costco has been great; the few, few times I have been disappointed or inadvertently read directions incorrectly, they are happy to take stuff back.
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    Scott Naturals toilet tissue

    Member's Mark paper towels

    Dove bar soap for bathing

    Barilla pasta (except when they don't have a shape I want)

    Jif Natural peanut butter

    Bush's Best (garbanzos, black beans, kidney beans, baked beans)

    Local coffee roaster for whole beans

    Thomas English muffins and bagel thins

    Florida Naturals orange juice

    Aidell's chicken sausages (what I can't find locally I order online)

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    Baja Manitoba
    Silk soy milk
    Cascadian Farms granola
    Kikkoman soy sauce

    And of course, Penzey's spices...
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    I am sooo brand loyal, it's a little sad haha!

    I will never buy any grocery store brand food items (household products are ok) even though everyone tells me that they all come from the same place. Here's a few:

    Land O' Lakes butter
    I'm a Skippy peanut butter gal
    Tropicana Orange Juice
    Fage Greek Yogurt
    McCormick spices
    Betty Crocker or Pillsbury boxed cakes / brownies
    Oral-B toothbrushes

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    Hillshire Smoked Ham lunch meat (store brand does not compare)

    Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Wal-Mart brand is gross!!)

    Bounty Paper Towels (love the half sheets)

    Jif Peanut Butter

    I'm all about trying the generic or store brands, but if they dont' work, they don't work!
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    Bounty paper towels

    I've gone off Talbot's…fabrics have gone cheesy, and pants unlined, prices up, quality down

    Wegman's house brands (except low fat sour cream…gross!)

    Kirkland (Costco) almost anything (Columbian coffee!)

    Lawrey's Seasoned Salt

    Kikoman soy sauce

    Penzey's spices

    Apple/Mac anything
    Sonja in Southern Maryland

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    Ventura, California
    Trader Joe's
    Mental Floss magazine
    Tobin James Wine
    Planet Money
    Netflix (still love them despite their shenanigans)
    Cara Mia lipsticks (a local company that allows you to custom blend shades and formulas-- I hope to never buy department store lipsticks again, I'm thoroughly spoiled)

    As for food brands, I'm usually OK with the storebrands, very few favorite must-haves.

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    Near my friends.
    Hot Dogs from that dairy Queen on Cumberland road in Bluefield WV, in case anyone ever happens through.

    The Dip Dogs from the dip Dog Stand in Marion, Virginia, in case anyone should ever happen through there.

    Pizza from Bella's Pizza in Abingdon, VA, should anyone ever pass through there.

    The Chicken Salad from Chef Heather's Abingdon,VA should anyone ever be passing through there.

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    Aveda hand cream
    New Balance sneakers
    Lipton for iced tea
    Maidenform bras
    Behr paint
    Nikon cameras
    Girardhelli (sp?) chocolate
    Craftsman tools - they last forever
    Sharpie markers
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    I used to buy Bounty paper towels too. Then one day as we were leaving Sam's Club we found a 12 pack of their Member's Mark paper towels in the parking lot that someone had left behind. Brought 'em home and it didn't take much to convince me they were just as good as Bounty and a good bit cheaper. Haven't used anything else since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charley View Post
    I used to buy Bounty paper towels too. Then one day as we were leaving Sam's Club we found a 12 pack of their Member's Mark paper towels in the parking lot that someone had left behind. Brought 'em home and it didn't take much to convince me they were just as good as Bounty and a good bit cheaper. Haven't used anything else since.
    I'll try them, next time I'm in Sam's! I'm open to try things, even though I don't like change!

    Forgot about Penzey's (except their garlic salt)
    Bali flower bras (I'd try another brand, if I could find one that actually fit!)
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    I am less brand loyal than I used to be since DH lost his job and we are closely watching our budget, however, there are still some things I go out of my to get in a "branded" form.

    Penzey's spices-I have bought some Kirkland signature recently and they are decent and for that matter most of their products are good quality. And if not, they can be returned without problems.

    Peanut Butter-Skippy for the kids, Jif for me or 365 brand for natural

    Ketchup-prefer Heinz but will buy Hunts on sale (rare occasion).

    soy-Kikkoman low sodium (or tamari)

    breakfast cereals-go for major brands but wait for sales

    crackers-Nabisco wheat thins and grahams

    cookies-Oreos (should I be admitting that I buy these here!!??)

    Ice cream-Edy's or Turkey Hill (vanilla bean only)

    TJ's and 365 brands for many things

    canned beans on rare occasion that I buy them (use mostly dried)-Goya

    canned tomatoes-Hunts

    pasta-Ronzoni or Barilla

    pasta sauce-Classico

    Hot dogs-Hebrew National

    Chicken (when I can afford the extra cost) Empire Kosher

    soy milk-Silk

    Hmmm...guess there is alot more than I thought! Oh well. I have switched to alot more generics recently and the food budget has come down significantly. That and getting rid of the splurge/impulse buys helped.


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    I always buy either Coffee Mate or International Delight coffee creamer - I have found the generic brands taste like chalk.

    I will only eat jelly beans if they are Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Huge difference between those and all the rest.

    I love root beer, and if it's in stock, I always get Barqs Root Beer.

    Since I started making my own "all purpose cleaner", I stick to buying only Dawn Dish Detergent - the blue kind.

    The preferred Ice Cream around here is Ben & Jerrys or Blue Bell for vanilla.

    The only "beer" I will drink is Smirnoff Ice - the original, "white" colored kind, not the flavored, clear colored ones.

    Sweetness will only wear New Balance shoes. He USED to be brand loyal to Levi's, but their quality has gone down hill, splitting at the back pockets, but we haven't found a suitable replacement either. And we have three Dodge trucks, if that says anything! One gas engine, two with Cummins diesel engines, which are the superior diesel engine in our opinions

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    Scott toilet paper

    Heinz ketchup

    Helmann's mayo

    Jif peanut butter

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    Wow, I can hardly think of anything. Savory Spice Shop spices I guess. Nike running shorts but I'd buy something else if I liked them. For a year plus I've used Brooks running shoes but I have a new pair of Pearl Izumis waiting for me at my run shop that I won and am excited to try since they're a local brand. I think I tend to be more store loyal than brand loyal.

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    I think the only thing that I am brand loyal to are my contact lens cleaner (Opti-Fresh Express) and my toilet paper (Quilted Northern Ultra Plush). Other than those two things, I buy what looks good and/or is on sale.
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    I can only think of three things that I am loyal to from a brand perspective:

    Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo

    Diet Coke

    King Arthur Bread Flour

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    OPI nailpolish - it's really chip resistant

    Muir Glen canned tomatoes

    Amy's Organic Frozen Meals and Soups

    Annie's Mac N Cheese

    Tide detergent

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