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Thread: Ethics free thread.

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    Were you banned from Reddit?

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    I never signed up for Reddit. Not enough personal interaction.

    Eliminating everyone below the poverty line in every country is an interesting concept.

    One drawback: Larger countries would be affected strangely by cost of living differences within that country...

    For example, low-income Mississippi would be gutted, while high-income New York would be proportionately untouched.

    I found one relevant factiod... the top _two_ household quintiles in the US is $60,000. Translation, if your household makes more than $60,000, your household is in the top 40%...roughly the % our scenario is looking for.

    Putting whole families (households) on the ship also minimizes the risks of creating orphans. Not a bad idea, though again I think that the world needs ditch-diggers, too.
    More calm, cool, scathing logic that drives women crazy...

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    I would personally clear out all the prisons, people who seem to have an uncontrollable urge to spit all the time (what the heck do they have in their mouths??), conservatives who like to preach to others, and all second-borns.

    As a first born myself who would otherwise be saved by her status as an Italian speaker living in New York, I gotta watch out for myself .

    Once all such people are disposed of, I would name myself dictator of the world and make all kinds of weapons disappear (merely through the strenght of my thoughts) as well as ban cars.

    Then I will start thinking of the second round of spaceships and surround myself with bodyguards, as I am sure people will make their own weapons anyway and try to get me.

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