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Thread: Had a temporary crown put in on Tuesday, and now pain/ache.....

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    Had a temporary crown put in on Tuesday, and now pain/ache.....

    I had the prep work and a temporary crown put in on Tuesday. It might have had a bit of discomfort after the novocaine wore off etc, but no big deal.

    Today, I have had discomfort (not real pain), more like an ache. Hard to tell exactly where but it feels like its extending (I think) to other areas of the mouth/jaw. I had a crown on a tooth in the back (bottom).

    I'll give my dentist a call, but was just wondering in the meantime. I remember her saying to take Advil, but I just assumed that was more for pain that day.

    And, I don't think it was any problem the few days after, started up more this weekend.


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    After moving here, and DH having 3 or 4 crowns put in There are so many dentists here that do 2 hour crowns, no temps, I was a bit surprised to read your post (and we are in nowhere's-ville!)
    I have had several crowns done "the old fashioned way" and I would call. I have never had one hurt. Could something have gotten trapped under the temporary? Should they have done a root canal??
    Sorry to hear you are dealing with this...nothing worse than tooth aches and foot pain.
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    I don't think I've had any issues in the past, other than perhaps day 1. Grrrr.

    So interesting, I don't think I've ever known a practice that can do the whole crown, without a temp. So maybe your no-where's ville are trend setters.

    I will call the dentist. I do grind my teeth, I wonder if that aggravates a temporary crown.

    I didn't have any prob with the tooth (at least not that knew) -- it was just an old, mega big filling that needed to be replaced.

    And, I thought the real pain would just be the $1000 charge.


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    Any tooth can abscess and maybe poking and proding did something not-pleasant.
    I would call...especially since you are spending that kind of money.
    I was ticked off with the $1600 per crown here, but 2 hours and done is at least a side benefit

    Grinding can cause grief too and if the temp is not perfectly fit (and why should they try since it is temporary!), it could have cut into your gum.
    Still worth calling to get your money's worth!
    Thoreau said, 'A man is rich in proportion to the things he can leave alone.'

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    Thanks Wallycat.

    I will call this week. The pain is gone now, but it could be the Advil.

    And, I still have a bit more dental work to go.

    I was thinking that I got some kind of infection. Wonder how it will feel tomorrow.

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    I was thinking infection or abscess, too. I've had several crowns, and 2 of them abscessed after the permanent crown was put it! If yours goes bad with the temporary, that's better than after. Good luck! I hope it wasn't anything big! Root canals are expensive!
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    Did they do a root canal first? I didn't think they put crowns on unless they did a root canal, for the reason that if there is infection or something else, then they have to drill through a crown to do the root canal.

    My crowns were all done in one day. The dentist tells you that it is better for you because it is only one trip, plus the super-duper computer can make it so it fits perfectly. But I also know he makes more $$$ by not having to send out for a crown!

    Hope it feels better
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    So I had no pain today, until the last 1/2 hour. So I will call tomorrow AM regardless.

    I didn't have root canal, it was just a mega old filling that was starting to degrade (or whatever they call it). And, since the filling was so big, that they say that they can't simply replace the filling since there isn't enough "tooth wall" to maintain it. Hence the crown. Hence the $1000.

    Hard to tell, but I think it is bothering me not just around the tooth.

    I wonder if the pain kicks in after a day of eating/drinking and as Wallycat said its cutting into the gum. I guess I'll have to wait for the dentist.

    Thanks everyone!!
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