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Thread: Southern Living Sign On?

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    Southern Living Sign On?

    Whenever I try to look at the CLBB on my Kindle Fire, I get a window popping up requesting me to enter my login name and password to Southern Living. Just in order to try to get rid of that, I tried entering my CLBB login and PW, but that didn't work.

    It does allow me to hit cancel, and then it will come up a couple more times till it goes away. It's very annoying though! It even shows up when I am not specifically looking at the CLBB, but anything on the web on my Kindle, and sometimes it makes the Web crash and then I have to restart the web application.

    Anyone else having the same issue?

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    I have had the same issue occasionally, and I don't remember how I solved it. I'll check back if I can recreate the problem and solution... I think it had something to do with just tapping the tab for the CLBB, but I don't remember.
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