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Thread: I'm stuck, help on figuring out a gift please

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    I'm stuck, help on figuring out a gift please

    Hi everyone. May I please pick your minds about a gift idea. The person is my trainer that i have been with for almost 2 years and I think we are friends now too. Any how, over the past 2 years she has really taken off with her cooking as she is also a nutritionist. She loves trying new dishes and is having fun using fresh and mainly organic ingredients. Last year I got her a gift card and a sampler box from Penzey's. She enjoyed going to the store and talking with the people and improving her spice cabinet. I do not want to repeat myself. She frequents Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, but I do not want to do gift cards there. She does not drink alcohol.

    So here is what I am trying to find, a present that has fresh herbs or some type of kitchen thing that one would not buy for themselves. She is an accomplished mountain bicyclist. I did find the following item since she does frequent Farmer's Markets when it is the season here. Do you think this is something one would use or is it that thing you would throw in your closet and forget to use.

    You ideas on the above or anything you once got that you enjoyed would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    I'm not sure if you have an amount. I thought this was neat.
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    $129.00 Free shipping.
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    Two words-- Williams Sonoma. Check out the online catalog for inspiration.

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    Taking the herb idea and looking for other price options, I found these organic herb collection ideas. They also have mushroom growing kits and asparagus crowns for planting. Once you get an idea, you can search for variations on the theme. Perhps one of these ideas will get you started.

    Cheesemaking kits would be another possibility (have those at W-S). I saw a pizza kit that had a crust mix and mozzarella kit, but I haven't been able to remember whose catalog that was.

    The bag would not be my kind of thing, but she might love it.

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    If she likes fresh vegetables, what about something for her to grow her own fresh sprouts?

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