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Thread: Pots de creme for a party

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    Pots de creme for a party

    I keep thinking about taking pots de creme, maybe chocolate mint or chocolate espresso, to a party next weekend. It is an afternoon party of family and friends and includes a full meal and, usually, too many big desserts. I just want a little bite of something rather than the pies and cakes.

    My question is what to serve the pots de creme in. I can make one of the no-bake recipes if needed so that the containers do not have to be oven-safe. However, I do have 6 cute red espresso cups that could go into a water bath if needed for a cooked recipe. Then, I'll have to track the cups down and get them back home with me after the party. And, 6 tiny cups is not enough for the party.

    Is there something either disposable or non-disposable and inexpensive that would work as the container? I'd like to take 12-15 or so small servings.


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    Sur la Table has small ramekins that are rather inexpensive. They usually carry a couple of brands but only one is cheap so be careful.

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    That sounds like a great idea, Alice. I would love to have a dessert like that after a big family get-together. Do you have a thrift store nearby you? You could try to find some little tea or coffee cups or bowls or ramekins for probably $1 or slightly more. Maybe even some holiday ones this time of year, those would look festive with your espresso cups. The mismatched effect could be charming, and if they don't all get collected for the trip back home, no big loss. A no-bake option might work best unless you can confirm how oven safe the cups/whatever are.
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    I'm not sure if this would work, and you might need to stand them up in a ramekin for the baking time, but the foil cupcake holders might do the trick. I would probably do a trial run.


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    I've served pots de chocolate in wine glasses and that worked well. I think any small, clear glass would be fine as long as you used a recipe that didn't require them to be baked in the serving container.

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