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Thread: What is your favorite TV show?

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    Originally posted by Laura B
    I love the WB's Gilmore Girls. That show always leaves me with such a pure and happy feeling. I love the characters and the story lines. I adore the clumsy chef, Sookie, and pretty much every other character, too. It is the only show that I really have to watch to every week. The premiere is next Tuesday - I can't wait!

    I adore this show too!!! This is my current favorite show! I always feel such wonderful anticipation the entire day before it's on! This is a must watch for me, even the reruns! I am attending a lecture next Tuesday during the premiere and my dh is taping it for me.

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    Never miss even if hubby has to put DD down - West Wing
    Try not to miss - ER
    Would love to see, but DD is rarely in bed-Will and Grace
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    Our old favorites are ER, The Practice, Boston Public, and Ed.
    I just saw Alias last Sunday and can't wait for the next show. It was so great to see a female who's smart and strong; not just window dressing for the guys!

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    I schedule my life around The West Wing otherwise, the only tv I watch is whatever my SO has on. He was gone last week from Wednesday until Tuesday..... I turned the TV off at 9:00 pm on Wednesday, it did not come back on until he got home. Gina
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    Friends is a must see for me too. I also love Ed, Everybody Loves Raymond, Will and Grace and Once and Again .

    DH loves The History Channel, ESPN, and nature/National Geographic type of shows but he is basically a surfer - it drives me crazy! When there is a show I want to watch, I usually state ahead of time, "I'm going to watch X tonight at such and such a time" and then I retain control of the remote so that he doesn't surf during commercials and land on something that will interest him.

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    We got HBO for the specific purpose of watching the Sopranos - now we are also addicted to Sex & the City and Six Feet Under. Luckily, all those shows are on hiatus right now and we actually have a life away from the TV.

    The only other can't miss for us is West Wing. Otherwise, if we happen to have the TV on we will watch Friends, Frasier (those two are usually not missed, but we will live if we do), Will & Grace, That 70's Show and the Simpsons. Given world events, we are watching the news more often than anything right now.
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