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Thread: Revised brunch menu: please advise :)

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    Revised brunch menu: please advise :)

    You'd think I would know better. I went browsing through CL recipes and kapow, my menu changes

    -- Blueberry scones with jam to start while I cook (make-ahead)

    -- Spinach and Smoked Gouda quiche (in muffin-size bites -- will make-ahead)
    -- pork sausage
    -- heaps of mushrooms
    -- carmelized onions
    -- baked tomatoes with oregano and pepper

    I've nixed the pancakes.

    There is a lack of fruit but I might put out some sliced apples/fruits.
    -- add potatoes/sweet potatoes?

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    Maybe one more starchy thing? Right now you have the scones to start then protein/produce. Muffins, toast or potatoes would all work.

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    Nixing the pancakes will give you more chance to enjoy your company.
    How many guests will you have?

    I think your menu is balanced now. I had trouble with baked tomatoes up against blueberry pancakes but like them with the quiche.

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    Thanks all. The brunch went well. I nixed the scones by default -- I burned them I had the oven fan on and didn't hear the timer go off. Oh well. The guests were full to have the pancakes, so it turned out alright.
    If I did it again, I would definitely make a potato dish, maybe potatoes Anna or a potato hash.

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