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Thread: What to serve with Monte Cristo sandwiches?

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    What to serve with Monte Cristo sandwiches?

    My cousin is visiting for the first time on Saturday, and has requested monte cristo sandwiches for lunch. I've never made those before, but am in the process of researching how to make them. What should I serve with them? I have homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert. We will have a light breakfast (maybe banana bread and fruit) and a nice dinner out that evening.

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    When I make Monte Cristos I serve mine with real maple syrup, not jam. I find the sandwich to be rich and plenty for lunch, but if you feel you need to serve something else, maybe just some sliced melon.
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    I love grilled cheese and tomato soup together and a monte cristo is just a fancy grilled cheese, so how about a nice summery gazpacho?


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    Maybe just simply-dressed spring lettuces with a balsamic vinaigrette to be a counterpoint to the sweet/rich sandwich.

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    I second Erin's suggestion of a green salad. A Monte Cristo is pretty filling and I think a salad is more than sufficient especially since you are planning to go out for dinner that night and don't want people to still be full.

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    Thanks! I like the green salad idea since I have fresh lettuce and tomatoes in my garden right now so will go with that. Not only have I never made these sandwiches, I've never eaten them. Does anyone have a good recipe?

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    I can't see where you'd go wrong with this one. Did good on the reviews. When I cooked in a professional kitchen it was my favorite sandwich. We used to do 3 pieces of bread, dropped them in the deep fryer and cut them into quarters, ah, those were the days!
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