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Thread: Pork Loin Question??

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    Pork Loin Question??

    Our gourmet group dinner is tomorrow night, and Roasted Pork Loin is our entree. But I'm in a quandry: on the one hand, my family has always done pork loins using "wet" heat (wine or broth) covered at a low temperature for a long time - and it is always moist and tender and falls apart. But this recipe roasts the boneless loin at 400 for about an hour - until it reaches 160 degrees. Anyone have any thoughts one way or the other? I'm terrified that it will turn out dry. Thanks for the help!

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    In my humble opinion...

    the high heat helps seal in the juices, and caramelizes the juices that do get out, creating a fabulous flavor, and as long as it's not overcooked, the "fall apart" tenderness you're looking for. Good luck!

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