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    I got for Valentines day a new crock-pot with automatic stirring system. The Original Slow Cooker" Does anyone has a model like that and how do you like it? I intend of cooking lots of meals with it and take them to my DD & SIL, since I start babysitting for my 3 month old granddaughter in 2 weeks.


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    Never heard of it but you can search slow cooker recipes here and come up with many great things.
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    Thank you for your response and tips. I did never new there is such a crock-pot existing and I was surprised. I will try to find more info and will post it. The instruction which came with it didn't tell much how o use the stirring paddles. In the meantime I will enjoy my slowcooker and try lots of recipes which were posted at a past tread.

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    River-Farm, I just clicked on the webpage you gave me. I guess I missed it yesterday when I tried to find more info. This is exactly the one I got. I will read upon it.
    Thanks again.


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    I didn't know there was such a thing either.

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    Interesting machine. I don't think the stirrers are a big deal and don't change a recipe. Per the website, you don't have to use them.

    You use one for soups/chile which don't have large pieces of food that need to remain intact and the paddle for foods like stews which might have veggies/potatoes or large pieces of meat. Obviously, you don't use when cooking roasts or braising cuts of meat.

    I don't recall stirring as being an issue with anything I've tried in a crockpot because the whole point of a crockpot is that it is a low (or relatively low) heat that is not just on the bottom of the pan but the heat runs the entire surface of the "crock" the food is cooked in.

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    Thank you for all the info about the slow cooker.
    I went yesterday to get some boneless chicken thighs and cooked the Thai recipe and the chicken curry, but have not tasted anything yet. The Thai chicken I took today to my DD and the curry I have tomorrow mye. I think the stirring paddles are nonsense and I want use them.For now I give up on the soo cooking nd wait till the weather gets cooler.


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