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    I got for Valentines day a new crock-pot with automatic stirring system. The Original Slow Cooker" Does anyone has a model like that and how do you like it? I intend of cooking lots of meals with it and take them to my DD & SIL, since I start babysitting for my 3 month old granddaughter in 2 weeks.


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    Never heard of it but you can search slow cooker recipes here and come up with many great things.
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    I had never heard of a slow cooker with a stirring mechanism so I looked it up

    It sounds interesting although I don't know how necessary the stirring feature would be. Anyway I love my slow cooker (non-stirring type!) and in fact I have a daube simmering in it as I type. It's great for tenderizing meats and producing hearty meals. I use mine for soups and stews and chilis and all sorts of things. I did brown the meat for the daube before I put it in the cooker; you get much better results if you take the time to do some prep work first, and many recipes call for that these days to avoid the bland, homogenized taste you get when you just dump everything in raw and turn it on. Anyway, have fun with your cooker - you'll find that they're very convenient!
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    Thank you for your response and tips. I did never new there is such a crock-pot existing and I was surprised. I will try to find more info and will post it. The instruction which came with it didn't tell much how o use the stirring paddles. In the meantime I will enjoy my slowcooker and try lots of recipes which were posted at a past tread.

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    River-Farm, I just clicked on the webpage you gave me. I guess I missed it yesterday when I tried to find more info. This is exactly the one I got. I will read upon it.
    Thanks again.


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    I didn't know there was such a thing either.

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