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Thread: Parchment paper and turkey

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    Parchment paper and turkey

    Hi everyone. For the last 4 years I've had Thanksgiving at my house. Each year, something happens to my turkey - either it doesn't cook according to the timing on the wrapping, cooks too fast, is too dry, etc. etc. I've tried everything. My mom told me that she used parchment paper on a turkey breast and it turned out great - she didn't season it either. Has anyone used parchment paper on a whole turkey, and if so, any suggestions? I have a favorite recipe from CL Nov 97 but my mom wasn't sure if I could use the parchment and still season the turkey.....

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    I have heard of using foil to shield the breast to keep it from getting overdone, but I've never heard of using parchment.

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    Parchment might be tricky for the whole turkey, mainly because of size and the odd shape. Maybe you could test it first with just you and DH on a whole chicken?

    Also, even though I haven't tried it, several friends have raved about the brine turkey from CL last year. It's supposed to be easy and fool proof.

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    I always brine my turkeys, and I don't have to make room in the fridge! Two years ago I bought a $5 tall plastic kitchen garbage can from Walmart. I mix my salt and 3/4 of my water in the plastic garbage can, then put the turkey in, then add the last 1/4 of my water as ice! I put this container in our garage or basement, which at the end of November is nice and chilly! The next morning I lift the bird out and rinse! The ice melts, but it's always cold enough, and I've never had a problem! I like having that extra room. I use that container ONLY for brining, and store it in the basement for the rest of the year!

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    I second brining. We did this for the first time las Thanksgiving and it was the best turkey ever!

    Also, all the salt will keep bacteria growth down. Alton Brown on Good Eats did an episode about brining a turkey which I'm sure they'll re-run soon.

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