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Thread: how long does feta last

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    how long does feta last

    so i bought a package of feta cheese a couple of weeks ago and have only used half of it..

    how long does it stay good in the refrigerator?

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    I was wondering the very same thing as I also have half a package in my frig! Can it be frozen I wonder? I hope someone knows!

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    Lasts forever

    I just used up the last of my feta (dry pack) which I had purchased in May of this year. It was fine. Not a speck of mold and tasted as good as when I first bought it.
    I have also purchased feta in a brine, and the cheese manager told me that it is a bit touchier and that the brine (salt water) needs to be changed at least once a week. He also said not to touch it with your hands, but to use a utensil if you need to put remainder back in the brine. This type also lasts a very long time. Again, this latter part is just if it is in the brine.
    I've never frozen it, but it does not seem to need it.
    Hope this helps.

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    I buy the crumbled feta by Athenos. I was always curious about this too. I phone them and was told by a Customer Service Rep. that an opened container is good for 2 weeks in the refrigerator. I didn't think to ask about freezing and he just answered my question and offered no more information???

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    I buy feta in a giant hunk from Costco and it stays good for at least a month if not longer. Feta, along with other semisoft cheeses such as brie or cream, should be tossed at the first sign of mold.

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    Yesterday I found an opened container of feta in the fridge that's at least a month old. Amazed that I didn't see any mold when I looked through the plastic, I was still planning on throwing it out. Now I'll check it over and see if it's still usable.

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    Just letting all of you know that feta CAN be frozen. I have purchased blocks of feta in bulk from my food co-op on sale, and it keeps in the freezer for a year or more.

    Similarly, it keeps in the fridge pretty indefinitely. I generally try to use mine up in a month or two, but have had some which has kept longer.

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    If you buy feta crumbles, it will last longer if you take them out of the plastic container and wrap them in saran wrap. The plastic container is convenient, but moisure gets trapped in there and makes mold appear faster. If you keep any cheese closely wrapped in plastic wrap, it keeps longer. (helpful tip from Sarah Moulton, btw...I can't take credit for it, but it seems to work for me)

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