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Thread: ISO leather furniture conditioner

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    Unhappy ISO leather furniture conditioner

    Kirby, our 70-pound German shepherd mix, decided that our practically new leather chair looked comfy, so he crawled on up there while we were at work one day. Of course, it's kinda slick, so he left scratches from his struggle to get up there. Arrgh!!! I've tried saddle soap, but now we just have clean dog nail scrapes on our chair. I've been keeping my eyes open at stores for some kind of conditioner, but does anyone have recommendations for integrating the scratch marks into the natural "distressed" state of the leather? (...and we were worried about what the cat would do to it!)

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    Check out the Mitchell Gold web site. They may have a link for a leather place. I have a leather chair from MG.

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    When we first got our leather furniture, I was dog sitting my MIL's dog at my house. Well the next day my DH was sittiing on the furniture just before the kids left for school admiring the new furniture and low and behold found scratches all over the furniture. He started yelling at the kids, then realized all the furniture, couch, ottoman, and chair were completely trashed. We figured out the dog tried to make himself comfortable on the furniture, tried pulling the cushions off, but they're velcroed down.

    When I called the leather furniture store the first thing they told me to do (providing the leather is not torn, but just scratched) was to get a wash cloth and wet it with hot water, (you can even microwave it to make it hot) but get it as hot as you can stand. Then wipe the scratches. The leather is usually dyed all the way through and the heat and damp cloth bring the dye back up to the top to help eliminate the scratches. This worked on some of my scratches. The really bad ones I had to have the furniture reupolstered. Fortunately for me my furniture was only 3 days old! and they were able to matccch the dye lot.

    Anyway, sorry to be long winded. I hope this helps, or someone else can give you a good recommendation.


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