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Thread: maple syrup vinegar

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    maple syrup vinegar

    Does anyone know where I could find this product? I have a recipe for maple glazed carrots that I'd like to make for Christmas dinner. I have tried AJ's (gourmet grocery store), Trader Joes, Cost Plus World Market and Sur La Table. No luck. Any ideas of where I could find it or what I could substitute?


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    I don't know if this does you much good, since it is mail order, but I found this:

    It it from Faraway Foods This link will take you to the page that sells the vinegar. If you click on the bottle on the website it will take you to a description of the maple vinegar. Good luck, Gina
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    I have a bottle of the very same maple vinegar that's in Gina's photo, above. Given to us as part of a gift basket, so I unfortunately am no help there. Unopened, because I've never found a use for it! I'd offer it to you, but I guess it wouldn't make it to Arizona in time for Christmas.

    I wonder if Boyajian has a website or a phone number you could call to ask who in your area distributes their product?

    Would you be willing to share the maple-glazed carrots recipe? Maybe I'll finally be able to use my bottle of vinegar!

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    Maureen, I make maple glazed carrots by substituting the brown sugar in a regular glazed carrots recipe with maple syrup (basically just stir fry some carrot sticks in butter and add maple syrup to taste towards the end). If you can't find the maple vinegar maybe you could try something like that.

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    I wonder if I order the one above, it would be received by Christmas I will try, thanks Gina for the link!
    Here's the recipe for the Maple Glazed Carrots. It is by Chris Smith, the Diabetic Chef.

    6 oz. carrots, juliened
    water (as needed)
    1/2 tsp. salt
    1/2 tsp. white pepper
    1 Tbsp sugar
    1 Tbsp. maple syrup vinegar

    In a shallow pan, place carrots and add enough water to cover. Add the rest of the ingred. and bring to a simmer.

    Cook for 10 min. or until carrots are cooked, but still firm. Remove carrots and place into a bowl, reserve for later.

    Continue cooking the carrot liquid until there is about 2 Tbsp. left, or until it is a syrup like consistency. Toss carrots in the liquid, coating carrots.

    I saw this recipe being demo'd, and it smelled wonderful. I would probably double it for the group I am cooking for on Christmas.

    If anyone has any other recipes using maple vinegar, please share!

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    Thanks so much for posting the recipe!

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