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Thread: How many ounces of pasta...

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    Question How many ounces of pasta...

    Help please!

    How many ounces of pasta (cappellini) should I plan per person as a side dish? I'm having a dinner party Sat for 8 and don't think that 1 lb. of pasta is enough!! I'm serving - I think it's a CL recipe - Spaghetti with Broccoli, Brie and Walnuts(awesomely good recipe!) alongside a stuffed chicken breast with salad and focaccia . The serving size says 2 oz. but I'm skeptical!

    Anyone have an idea? I'm thinking a lb. of pasta would cover maybe 6 sides? TIA!!!

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    2 oz. uncooked is probably about right (especially as a side dish). After all, its going to swell up when you cook it. According to one reference I have, 1 1/2 oz of uncooked spagetti is about equivalent to 1 cup cooked.
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    A lot depends on how long you cook the pasta. I always undercook mine (even to the point of leaving a slight "crunch"). For this reason, I get about 2/3 cup from 2 ounces uncooked. But if you are cooking the pasta normally or "al dente," ALL standard pasta boxes I have seen say on them that 2 ounces is one cup cooked.

    The longer it is cooked, the more water it will absorb, resulting in a larger volume.

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    I've seen several recipes using capellini as a side dish; one is "Pasta w/ Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce".. The recipe serves 6 side-dish servings and uses 6 oz. dried capellini. I always plan on at least 2 to 4 servings OVER what I need, in case one person likes it more, just to be safe, I won't run out of it, AND I may have some leftovers.
    IMO, 8-10oz. uncooked capellini would work with your menu. It sounds good, and you have a great main course, and other good side dishes with it and it would be fine. I hope this is of help...

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    Since I started a new eating plan, I have been weighing out all of my DH and I are both hearty sorts who do not just pick at food, and we find that 2-2.5 oz is fine for a main dish. I think a pound for eight side dishes is more than enough.


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