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Thread: Where do you find kitchen string?

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    Where do you find kitchen string?

    Where do you get kitchen string or butcher's string to tie meat? I'm assuming this is different than regular ol' string you can get at a hardware store since it can go in the oven?! Help me out here.

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    I found mine at Bed Bath & Beyond, on the wall with all the kitchen gadgets. Mine came in a little plastic holder with a cutter on the lid.

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    I hate living in a small town! The nearest BB&B is over an hour and a half away! :mad: Maybe our local meat market would sell some to me? Thanks Barrie.

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    DmOrtega Guest
    I use cloth twine from the hardware store, not the plastic kind.

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    I just use regular string from the hardward store. I keep it in the kitchen hidded from DH so he doesn't take it to the garage! But I've never had any problem using it.

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    OK cool, I will look for string at the hardware store or WalMart. Thanks!

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    I asked at the butchers counter one time and I believe he said any ole cotton twin will do, even like kite string.

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