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Thread: Oprah Show Today 02/25/02

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    Oprah Show Today 02/25/02

    Just interested in your opinions - if any of you watched the Oprah show today - on the Dean Ornish (Dr.) diet? What did you all think of the show today?

    I did the low-fat thing about 3 years ago and lost a good 30 lbs. - have gained back about 10+ - would love to hear your thoughts.

    Hey, do we know this guy is going to be FAMOUS soon!!!!!!!

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    Dean Ornish has been around for a while so I'm familiar with him and his work. His approach has worked well for heart patients, but it seems a little restrictive for most people to follow.

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    I agree with SusanT...
    I think if you have a "condition" already, you're more motivated to stick with a program that will better your life; for the average person merely trying to lose weight....not sure this is the best way to go. Maybe a rotation thing where a few days you're doing an Ornish diet, then maybe 2 days of something know, moderation and balance.
    I know some people have IGT and that much grain/cereal without fat to balance can have other issues (high triglycerides) ...
    I think lowish/moderate fat (good fat), adequate protein without overkill, lots of fruits and veggies and moderate amounts of grains/cereals should be fine. Remember, it's not what you eat as much as HOW MUCH you eat to lose weight...
    heart disease is another matter....
    Thoreau said, 'A man is rich in proportion to the things he can leave alone.'

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