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Thread: How long will wheat germ keep?

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    Question How long will wheat germ keep?

    I was going to make banana-zucchini bread last week but didn't, and now I'm wondering how long I can keep the wheat germ I bought for it. This is the only recipe I use it in, and I get it from the bulk bin in the refrigerator at HF store - I assume they keep it refrigerated for a reason. Does anyone know how long I can keep it before whatever's going to happen to it happens?

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    I buy my wheat germ in big jars, and it takes me a few months to go through one jar. I'm vaguely remembering reading that it will stay good for about 3 months.

    If you want to use your wheat germ in other ways, it is great on cereal and in yogurt!

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    I hope someone answers you!

    I'd like to know too! It's sold in such big containers, and I buy it to use when it's called for in a recipe, then keep it in the fridge, but MONTHS go by without me using it again and then I don't know if I should use it. It never looks bad. I also have an unopened jar in my cabinet that's been there for months. Does it keep indefinitely in a vacuum jar that's never been opened? Thanks to anyone who knows!

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    Weat germ has fat and can go rancid. Store it in the refridgerator or freezer and it will stay fresher longer.

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    Smell it!

    My experience with wheat germ is that, even in the fridge, it can get rancid within about 2 months if it is raw. I smell it and if it has a sour smell, I toss it. Luckily, it is pretty cheap!

    For longer storage, I've had success with toasting the wheat germ-- makes it taste better, too. I follow Laurel's Kitchen on this and use a 300 degree oven. Put the wheat germ in a flat pan (I usually fill it so that the wheat germ is about 1 1/2 inches thick) and toast until the wheat germ is a slightly darker tan and smells toasty. You need to keep an eye on it (I burned it once) and stir thoroughly about every 15 minutes. This amount takes me about 30 minutes.

    I still store it in the fridge when toasted.

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    We keep ours in the freezer in its orginal jar. I've never had it go bad before we use it all up which is usually 3 months at least.

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    When in doubt, throw it out!

    Just reading the title of this thread brought back a terrible memory. When I was 15, my father and I had the most awful food poisoning from eating wheat germ that had gone rancid. We both were hospitalized for 2 days! It was 1/4 cup wheat germ added to a batch of cookie dough. We had 1 cookie each! The reason we knew it was the wheat germ (besides the fact that the w.g. had been in the cupboard for a year) is that my mom had eaten a cookie from the first batch before the wheat germ was added to the dough. She was fine. My father and I were deathly ill within 1 hour of eating. Don't rely on smell. Ours had no odor at all. I have to say, I have never been able to eat wheat germ since.

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