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Thread: Where to buy better olive oil - either in Madison, WI or online?

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    Question Where to buy better olive oil - either in Madison, WI or online?

    I like using olive oil (who doesn't?) but I'm getting bored with my standard brand -- Whole Foods. It's decent oil, but I want more flavor. I'm particularly interested in the Tuscany oils (they're supposed to be peppery!), but any suggestions will be welcome. At this point, I'm not particularly interested flavored oils (lemon, garlic, blood orange and the like).

    I know I need to look in Williams-Sonoma. But after that, I'm fresh out of ideas!

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    Cooks Illustrated did a comparitive review a while back. They ranked the olive oils tested here:

    They did say that there was little difference, and that price didn't imply quality.

    As to where to buy, it depends which one you want. You could also try

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    I've used Eden olive oil and it is a nice buttery taste...(rated with highest squalene level too!)
    Some of the Greek oils in the grocery stores have a stronger taste.
    Whole foods also has a selection of different olive oils, not just their 365 brand.
    In my cooking class I purchased 10 or so different oils so the class could taste the difference...and there are great differences in flavor...and I just purchased them off the shelves (gourmet shops, local grocery stores, etc.)
    Have fun
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    You teach cooking classes? I bet you are great at it. Can you email me a schedule. Thanks

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    One place I can think of would be "Relish Deli & Market" specialty store on Monroe St. Or else, how about Brennan's? I can't remember if they have olive oil, but they might. Also try Gino's or Paisan's Delitalia's, they have olive oil as well. Or maybe Cost Plus World Market. Those are a few ideas...

    My sister brought me back a bottle from Italy (unfiltered olive oil) and it is soooo good. Such a nice change from the "regular" stuff from the grocery store.

    Good luck and let us know what you find!


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    I've been slowly making my way through the different types at Whole Foods. I don't remember the name of the one that I'm on now, but it comes in a tall 2" square bottomed and sides (I'm trying to say that it's kinda narrow and all the same width), is in a dark colored glass and never looks like an olive oil bottle when I look down on it. However, it has a great olive-y taste.

    Ok, sinking back into my pile of work now,


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