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Thread: REV: Monterey Pizza ! May 02

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    Thumbs up REV: Monterey Pizza ! May 02

    Yay I found a wow recipe in May other than the back to the best!!!!

    This was one of those it sounds so weird I have to try it recipes. It was so good! I tinkered a bit of course as it seemed a little naked as written.

    First off, I used boboli thin crust. Next I sauteed one red pepper with a few green onions and 1 cup of chopped lean canadian ham. I placed that mixture on the crust, cheese on top, jalapenos and after melting the cheese added the mango mixture (I used juice of a whole lime..prolly more than 1 TBSP and probably about 1/3 cup cilantro)to just heat up..i'm not a big cold on top of hot person.

    THIS WAS SO YUMMY! I think mango with lime juice is like my new favorite fruit..this was like mouth explosion! This was like a strange twist on Hawaiian pizza but so much better in my opinion. I loved all the tastes together. DH also raved. Two big thumbs up here from both of us!

    I also got confused on the nutritional info. It says 8 servings with each serving being 2 slices? 16 slices in one pizza? Seemed kind of odd to me. So I added up points manually using my pizza crust and with the lean ham it came out to 6 pts per slice in a 6 slice pie...not too shabby!

    This is a definite repeat.


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    Thanks for the review. This is one of those that I passed on by, but with your suggestions, I think I will have to give it a try.

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    Thanks JeAnne! I keep looking at that recipe but with that review I will try it this week

    Thanks, linda

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    Like Greysangel this recipe didn't sound substantial enough to me. So, I boiled some chicken breasts, shredded them, and mixed in some lime juice and garlic. I put that on the crust, sprinkled with the cheese cilantro mixed, sprinkled with jalapenos and baked until bubbly. Then I added the mango mixture and heated through. I thought this was very excellent and will definately be making it again! I usually don't like the ham and pineapple combo, but the mangos were a different story, especially with the jalapeno kick. If you like CL's unusual pizzas give this a try!

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    Thumbs up

    This was tonight's dinner. Along with the Spring Giardiera (I know - strange combination!).

    We really liked this! As JeAnne said, the mango/lime juice combination was wonderful. I used the dough it gives a recipe for with the Back to the Best column, since I'm making that next week (the remaining dough is in the freezer). All in all, a great vegetarian dinner!

    And, Denise, don't feel bad about adding chicken. The intro to the recipe suggests chicken or ham be added if you don't want a purely vegetarian dish.

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    Made this for dinner tonight. I used a thin Boboli crust, and except for using more cheese (I used 8 oz, not 6 oz), I followed the recipe exactly. DH LOVED it, gave it a 9.7 out of 10! I LIKED it, but IMHO there was just toooooo much cheese on it! (Which was, as mentioned, totally my fault!) The cheese just kind of "pooled and puddled" on the top of the pizza... it actually kind of grossed me out! (And I LOVE cheese!) PLUS, the recipe calls for a 14 x 16" crust -- with a 12" prepared crust, maybe even 6 oz would be too much? But I will make it again sometime, with less cheese, and probably add some diced, smoked ham. I think it would be awesome! The mango/lime flavor is truly excellent.

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    yum yum.....Monterey pizza

    I tried this tonight. Made the pizza dough in the bread machine and did substitute about 3/4 cup of whole wheat flour for AP flour. I didn't want to make the dough too heavy. Otherwise, followed the recipe and was very pleased. Mangos taste good. This was probably only the second or third time eating a mango for me.

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