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Thread: How many servings do you get?

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    How many servings do you get?

    The Texas cake thread got me thinking about this. I know we all agree that the CL portions are ludicrous but they always make me feel like I come from the biggest family of pigs because of how many servings I get out of something! Now, no one in my family is remotely overweight and we've all grown up eating dessert every day with no dire consequences so I always thought our servings were perfectly normal. (And seemed to be the same at friends' houses, etc.) So how does your house compare? (Feel free to copy the list below and add your servings!) This is what we always get:

    8x8 pan: Brownies - 6-8, Dessert - 4-6
    9x13 pan: Brownies - 16-20, Dessert/cake - 6-8
    Layer cake: 8
    Bundt cake: 8-10
    Pie: 6-8

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    your divisions sound about right. I laughed when I saw that CL divided their Rhubarb-Custard bars into 36! I got about 24 out of mine!

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    I'd have to agree with you. Our servings are as you listed. I always have a giggle regarding how many servings CL carves out of their recipes.

    I've often wondered if we are overeating and didn't know it, but it sounds like Cooking Light sometimes is just "Serving Light". No offense to CL.

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    A lot would depend on the richness or heaviness of the food being prepared. I would have a much bigger piece of angel food cake than I would, say, an iced chocolate layer cake.

    For most CL recipes, my personal serving size would be:

    8-inch square pan of brownies 8 to 9 servings
    9 x 13 inch pan of brownies 12 to 15 servings
    iced layer cakes 16 servings
    Bundt cake 12 servings
    Angel Food/Sponge Cake 6 to 8 servings

    I notice that the sorbet and other frozen dessert recipes generally indicate a serving as 1/2 cup. I NEVER recall having less than a cup of sorbet.

    Even more than desserts, I prefer bigger servings of breads than CL uses. One loaf is about 6 to 8 servings for me. I can remember when my mother made muffins, biscuits or scones. I ate too many to count at times.

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    Ms. Chevious, I agree with your estimates on dessert and I don't think your servings are large. I rarely make dessert for DH= and myself so when I do or we have it out(which is rare, we'd both rather enjoy a glass of wine or a drink after dinner in a restaurant) it is a treat and we don't really care how large it is.

    As for CL portions on dinners, truth be told, they are probably on the small side also, but we are trying to make a serious effort to eat smaller portions of meat and larger portions of veggies. We will never eliminate meat all together, but feel better eating smaller portions. I will usually stick to one serving of an entree DH= will often have 1/2 to one whole other serving, and that's ok that is still down from what he used to eat.
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