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Thread: Shark question

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    Question Shark question

    A coworker of mine caught 3 mako sharks off the coast this weekend and he's offered to give me some of his shark. I heard awhile back that shark meat had to be treated a certain way to make it edible but he said all you need to do is clean it very well. I thought Shark had become popular becuase they had finally found a way to treat it to make it edible - anyone one know what I'm thinking of or is it safe/good to eat?

    The next question is how do I cook it? I've heard it grills very well - any suggetsions for marinades and how do I know when its done. Does it 'flake with a fork' like fish?

    signed, Shark virgin

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    I don't know about the safety of it because I usually buy mine at the store.....but I can tell you that shark meat is great just thrown on the grill. It also matches quite well with teriyaki type sauces. Our favorite thing to make with shark are just kebobs that are marinated in Yoshida's Cracked Pepper Garlic Sauce.....I usually serve on top of some Jasmine rice.


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    What a lucky person you are to have gotten Mako shark! In my opinion it is MUCH better than the easier-to-find Thresher. Personally, I wouldn't do a thing to it-- good, fresh Mako is so darned tasty, I wouldn't cover it up with a marinade. Just grill it using the ten-minute rule (10 minutes per inch of thickness) and yes, it will flake when ready. Serve with lemon or tartar sauce or even a bit of garlic butter.


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