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Thread: Lake Perch vs. Ocean Perch

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    Lake Perch vs. Ocean Perch

    Has anyone cooked with both types of these fish before? What's the difference, flavor-wise? I've got some lake perch begging to be cooked, and I'm not <gasp!> going to deep fry them. Since that's the only way I believe I've had lake perch, I'm looking for suggestions ...
    --Mary Kate--

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    Mary Kate, lake perch is a very mild tasting white fish, and ocean perch has a very strong fishy taste. The only way to cook lake perch, in my opinion, is to fry it. The pieces are very small in length and thickness and I don't think that they would adapt to baking like other fish. Maybe you could try a scampi type method, with olive oil, wine, crumbs, garlic and then bake it. I have only fried it because that is how we love it. Ocean perch can be soaked in milk for an hour or so to get rid of that fishy taste and then baked. LP is the best. Just had sime Friday at our favorite watering-hole.

    While I have your attention, I have to tell you about pierogi fest this week-end. in Whiting, In. Whiting is very Slovak. It is a such a feeding trough. Pierogis everywhere, but the only good ones are the ones the grandma's make and serve with sauteed onions and brown butter. I can taste them now. There is a parade with Mr, Pierogi and the Pierogiette dancers. Can hardly wait. Vicky

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