For some reason unknown to me and DH, our computer is now converting everything we save as a .jpeg to a .jpeg.vbs file, which then makes it impossible to open the pictures ever again. I have no idea how this is even happening, and don't even know what a .vbs file is or how it works. I got on Microsoft's help website and read a little about Visual Basic Scripts, but it might as well have been written in Chinese for all I understood. It's not happening right away, as yesterday I saved a picture that was emailed to me as a .jpeg, and was messing with it in our photo editing software. Today, all those files are now inaccessible. What the heck is going on? How do I make it stop and can I get my pictures back? This has me very irked, as some of those pictures affected are from our digital video camera, and can't be re-downloaded as DH erased them off the camera's memory card. We run Windows XP, if that makes a difference. Can anyone help?