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Thread: portobello mushrooms

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    portobello mushrooms

    I have been experimenting to find the best recipe for portobello mushrooms. I am looking for a marinade, so i can just grill them or saute them. Any suggestions?

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    I rarely marinade them. I spray with non stick PAM, sprinkle kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and granulated garlic powder on mine, then grill. Sometimes I splash a little balsamic vinegar. I do this on all of my grilled veggies. Enjoy!

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    Thumbs up Not gourmet but good and easy:

    My favorite marinade for them is any kind of LF Italian salad dressing. If I use FF, then I mist the mushrooms with olive oil before grilling. I also like to use a splash of teriyaki sauce (reduced sodium) in the dressing.



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    Red wine vinegar, thyme and garlic....marinate about 20 mkinutes!

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    We ate grilled portobello sandwiches once a week all summer this year. The night before I marinated the mushrooms in fat-free Italian dressing and balsamic vinegar, with some pressed garlic and basil thrown in the bag. Then they were grilled on the barbecue, topped with slices of fresh mozzarella, and put on sesame-seed rolls. Sometimes I also made CL's Sun-dried Tomato Pesto and spread that on the rolls. YUM!

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    I'm a little late on this, but I love portobellos as a side dish and wanted to share...
    Really easy -- saute a few minced garlic cloves (or much, much more! ) and a handful of minced/chopped parsley in a few teaspoons of olive oil, then add sliced portobellos and kosher salt. Saute until the 'shrooms have given up liquid and are tender.
    I love this dish!
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    I brush on bottled fat free Paula's Garlic Dressing and put on a low flame grill. Rounded top facing up first, for about 6-7 min, then turn and continue grilling until see lots of juices start to pool in the center. Should be juicy, not dry.

    I like to eat like a hamburger: lettuce, tomatoe, red onion slice & guacomole on a wheat hamburg roll or sandwich size Thomas's English Muffin.

    Good luck, they are wonderful and so easy!

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