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    Question Make ahead pie

    Hi all
    I have a question for all you pie experts. I am planning on making a pumpkin pie, but would like to make it ahead of time.

    How far in advance can a pie filling be made and stored in the fridge uncooked? Could I make it in advance and then pour it into the pie shell and bake the day I am serving?

    Also, can I freeze homemade pie crust (in a ball or should I roll it out first?) and than thaw and roll out the day I am planning on making the pie? If so, what is the best way to thaw pie crust?


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    I cannot comment on the pie filling part, but I CAN tell you that pie crust freezes just fine. I found some in the back of the freezer that my mom made and left for me-frozen like a hamburger patty, wrapped in plastic, then in a freezer bag ( for many months....). I just let it come to room temp and then used it in the CL apple cobbler recipe. It was just fine AND a little taste of Mom's baking at the same time. Sue

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    I think that because pumpkin pie is more of a custard pie that the filling would not freeze very well. But the good news is that it is really easy to do, and not time consuming at all, so it would be very easy to get your crust ready and then freeze, then you can thaw, do your filling and bake.

    You can freeze pie crust in a ball (not rolled out) or in a pie plate. My mom does this all the time - freeze in a pie plate, then pop them out, and wrap until ready to use. That way you are not storing your pie plate in the freezer.
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