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Thread: How to unclog a Misto oil sprayer?

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    How to unclog a Misto oil sprayer?

    I know people complain that the Misto clogs too easily, but I have one and need help. I have lost the directions that came with it. Any suggestions to get it going again? DO I have to just buy another one?

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    Washing it out, and then filling the container with hot water and trying to spray that through the Misto works for me. Hope it works for you! I really don't have a problem with it clogging very often.

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    Use Dawn if you have it, then rinse very well. Dawn breaks down oils better than anything I have tried.

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    Clogged misto sprayer

    I, too, have a misto sprayer that clogs all the time. On the bottom of mine, I found a phone number to call and they sent me a replacement but that one clogged also. The phone number is VERY hard to read because it's the same color as the bottom of the can. Good Luck! If you can't find the number, let me know, I'll look at home.

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    Any reason not to buy the spray cans instead? They last forever. Maybe I'm missing something?

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    The spray cans leave a residue that can be irksome and hard to clean off. With the misters, you know what oil you're spraying. The Williams=Sonoma misters don't clog. I have 2, 1 for vegetable oil, 1 for olive.

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