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Thread: Help! How do I shred pork???

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    Question Help! How do I shred pork???

    Last week some brave soul asked, on behalf of us who had no cojones to do so, how to shred chicken. With the answers posted I easily poached and shredded a chicken breast to add to corn chowder (and boy, was it good!).

    I'm learning to cook pork for my fiance who is a trooper about my not eating red meat or pork. I need to make shredded pork for tonight's dinner.... do you poach it like chicken? I don't know much about pork but that just seems sort of weird to me...

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    If you're cooking a pork butt then it will pretty much be falling apart when it's done and you can use the two fork method of shredding. Should be just like the chicken!
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    Of course if you're using something like top loin it probably will not shred easily. On another thread somewhere, I think someone mentioned pulsing the meat (after cooking) in a food processor to shred it. I can't remember if it was pork or chicken, but you might try it if the pork doesn't shred easily with two forks.

    I don't know what to tell you about how to cook it. It depends on what cut of meat and how big it is. And I guess this response is probably too late for dinner anyway.

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    For pork to shred, it needs to cook (braise) for a LONG time. It won't shred if it's poached like chicken. So get out your crockpot or put it on a VERY low flame on the stove and let it go for a couple of hours. Then it will shred very easily. Good luck.

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