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Thread: Hershey Raspberry Chocolate Chips

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    Hershey Raspberry Chocolate Chips

    I was tempted to buy a bag of these yesterday. Has anyone used them before? Has anyone ever SEEN Them before? I think they may be out for the holidays. Our store had Hershey's Rasberry Chips and Hershey's Mint Chips.

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    They're awesome! There was a thread on them last year I think. They're actually chocolate-raspberry. I made fudge out of them last year and it was really good.

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    They are great! DH loves them. Not easy to find in my area. I only see them at Xmas. Use them in chocolate cookes.....

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    Never heard of them but they sound awesome....I don't do a lot of baking, but was pleasantly surprised to find Hershey's cinnamon chips the other day. I picked up a bag and made the cookie recipe on the back for a dinner I served at church Tuesday night. They weren't really a hit with the kids (raisins, ) but the adults in the crowd loved them.

    Chocolate raspberry fudge....yum!
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    Oh I hope they're back! I found them about 5 years ago in Atlanta and only for a brief time and never saw them again. I loved them! I made Chocolate chocolate chip cookies with them. That raspberry flavor added a nice bit of contrast.
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    My sister often substitutes these chips for regular chocolate chips in her choc. chip cheesecake. Awesome.
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    had not heard of them before, but I will be looking for them in the stores, they sound very good!!!!
    how about passing on that fudge recipe, pretty please

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    I second that request, please! Chocolate/raspberry is one of my favorite combos!

    Also wonder if anyone has tried truffles with these chips?

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    Chocolate Raspberry chips????

    Wow, if it weren't 12:25 a.m. I would run out right now to look for them!!! I've been in love with chocolate/raspberry since my first jell bar, age 5. Thanks for the alert!!


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    I wanted to make brownies with them -- or try them in biscotti. Fudge maybe, but I don't think they'd go over in regular chocolate chip cookies around here. Some classics can't be changed. OK, with these boys, even some less than classics can't be changed!

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