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Thread: Heating Dressing (Stuffing) in a Crockpot?

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    Heating Dressing (Stuffing) in a Crockpot?

    Has anyone done this? I'm having Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house, and I know her oven will be full. Is it possible to heat the stuffing (Pepperidge Farm cubes + sauteed celery, onion, mushrooms) in a crockpot?


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    (Clearing throat audibly) Deanna! Have you forgotten something?


    Now about that stuffing (and I'm assuming you mean heating stuffing which is already made as opposed to cooking it from scratch, in which case there is a recent thread on the subject of preparing stuffing in a crockpot)... I've been to parties where people kept stuff warm in the crockpot (in both cases, items were in sauce) but what I don't know is how much earlier they'd heated the stuff up to keep it hot. My particular crockpot is of the antediluvian variety and takes quite a while to heat, so I'd be inclined to pan-warm, oven-warm or otherwise nuke my dressing before putting it in, which may not be feasible if auntie lives too far away.

    Of course someone here who clocks actual time with their crockpot may have more coherent thoughts on the subject. about Diana Kennedy...

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    A recent thread on this very subject? Link me up! Seriously, I know there have been a ton of threads on crockpot recipes, so didn't search because there would be WAY TOO MUCH to search through!

    FYI - this dressing has no meat; only the bread cubes, celery, onion, mushrooms, a little butter and chicken broth. Auntie's house is seven minutes away. I hate to put it in a large casserole in the oven and then dump it all in a crockpot, but I 'spose that can be done. I'm just wanting to keep it hot because I'll probably get there early to help with setting up and last minute prep.

    Diana who??? Oh, yeah. Believe this; I have NOT been in my living room (where the bookshelves are) since early summer. Just not a room I use or go into much. I'll make myself go in there and get the book off the shelf.


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    This is a great idea and I'd like to know the answer too! I wonder if it would tend to be too moist though, I don't know. It always seems like the dressing is the last thing I put in the oven and everyone is waiting, waiting, waiting for it to get done, and it always takes longer than I think it will, or maybe it just seems that way.
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    Deanna et al -

    Here's the link you were looking for:

    Suffing in the Crockpot

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    Shirley, you're WONDERFUL!

    Thanks very much for the help!

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    I don't know about warming it, but I do know about cooking it in a crock pot as I cook stuffing in mine about once every month and a half. I use 2 cups dry mix (whatever's on sale) mixed with one can chicken broth and one can Green Giant Mexicorn niblets in the crockpot with either pork chops or chicken breasts layered on top. The stuffing cooks way earlier than the meat. I'd think 4 hours on low would do it with just the stuffing and it will stay hot in there for a very long time even after you turn the pot off.


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