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Thread: cooking software for a MAC?

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    cooking software for a MAC?

    does anyone know of cooking/recipe storage software for a macintosh?

    i can only seem to find pc.


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    Hi Sunberst,
    I'm on a Mac and it's my understanding that Mastercook 4.06 was the last version to work on the Mac (that's what I have and use). It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the current PC version has, but it meets my limited needs. You can usually find it on Ebay.

    The Cookn software is compatible with Mac.
    I think Grace and Ralph both use it, hopefully they'll chime in with a review.


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    I have the CookWare software available from It's a very basic software, but works well. It's available for both PC and Mac. It's cheap too, (either free, or $6.98). It also accepts the monthly cookpac downloads from the same site (a download of each month's complete index of CL recipes). They have an "on-line" version to try out first, too. Good luck.

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