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Thread: Has anyone ever used or other online dating sites?

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    Question Has anyone ever used or other online dating sites?

    Since people on this board seem to have the answers to any question...
    After a long-term relationship has died a slow death, I decided to list myself on, just to see what would happen. Nothing happened until today, when I got an e-mail from a guy who actually looks attractive and his profile matches up with what I might want. But I'm a little leery of this whole online dating thing. I know that if I meet him, we should meet up in a public place, etc., but does anyone else have experience with this kind of thing? Any words of wisdom?

    TIA for any advice...

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    I know of two people who have met great men through on-line dating services ... my hairdresser (dating the man she met for about a year) and one of my dinner group buddies. Both women are very happy! Good luck! Plus, I must add that I met my DH (we've been married for 14 years) at a dating service.

    Be careful and have fun with it !

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    Here's an older thread with a lot of information. Good luck. I don't have the nerve.
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    I just attended the wedding on October 12th of my very dear friend who met her husband through jdate. She had nothing but good experiences with that site, and she's definitely no wall-flower who couldn't find a date. She just had a hard time finding someone who fit what she wanted in a mate, and she dated a whole bunch of guys through jdate, and found her husband! I guess what I'm saying is that there are some quality people who sign up with that site, not a bunch of wierdos and losers. Good luck!

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    i don't want to scare you, but i just wanted to present the other side of the story. i know 2 people who have tried jdate (in toronto and NJ/NYC) and they only matched up with jerks and losers. several times.

    i would still go ahead and give it a chance, though, because you never know. it could be different depending on the area where you live too. it worked for grace's friend, so it could easily work for you too. many people find their true love through dating services, etc.

    good luck, and just be safe!


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    When I was in college I used jdate a couple of times and met some nice guys and some jerks. Nothing permament, but in college who cares. Go for it!

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