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Thread: How to store a pie???

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    Question How to store a pie???

    I am going to make the Pecan & Date Pie for a dinner party this Friday night. I have never made a pie before so I was wondering if I make it on Thursday night will it still be fresh for Friday? Also if I do make it Thursday should I put it in the refrigerator or leave it out?

    I am also going to make the Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze. So I guess the same questions apply - can I make it Thursday and if so should it go in the fridge or stay out?


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    Re: How to store a pie???

    I would think that overnight, if you cooled the pie completely you could cover it and leave it on your counter for Friday and it should be fine.

    I made the pumpkin cake with cream cheese glaze, and its been sitting out on my counter. I know that the glaze has cream cheese and probably technically should be refrigerated, but there were 2 issues with this: 1 no room in the fridge, and 2 I think that the fridge dries out the cake too much. So, I left it out and it seems to be fine. We will probably finish it up today or tomorrow, so it should be OK.

    So, I would think that you could leave the cake out overnight too.
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    I left the pecan date pie out on the counter for about 24 hours, then placed it in the fridge. I think that a pie such as this tastes much better at room temp. It is a sticky pie and gets too sticky in the fridge. (if that makes any sense)

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    What I do with pies and cakes is store them in a giant cookie tin I happen to have (I sit 'em on the lid and put the tin on top upside down) and keep them in my basement. The basement's unfinished, so it's cooler than "room temperature" in the rest of the house but not so cold (and crowded!) as the fridge. (My mother in law keeps things in her closed-in porch for the same reason.)

    I know exactly what you mean, Miss T -- things get sort of gooey when they're refrigerated, and not in a good way. But because heated houses are so very warm, I can't help worrying about stuff left out for more than a few hours.

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    I would opt for the fridge, especially the cake with cream cheese in the glaze. I also put my pies in the fridge after we have it the first time.

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    I would leave the cake out, along with the pie, and refrigerate the glaze to be put on later.

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