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Thread: Help with Turkey Soup Spices

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    Help with Turkey Soup Spices

    Hi- any suggestions on what spices I should add to my turkey soup?? It now has mushrooms, carrots, parsnips and celery in it. What spices should I add? I cannot find my old fail safe recipe... I think I used to put thyme and tarragon but cannot remember what else.

    THanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.

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    I've always found that turkey and oregano have an affinity for each other. I'd also add a bay leaf and some garlic...but then I add garlic to just about everything.
    Sonja in Southern Maryland

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    Ditto to Sonja's suggestions. I love making turkey frame soup!

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    excellent suggestions - thanks very much!

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    Definitely bay leaf, and don't forget to add some chopped Italian parsley at the end!
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